Our facility

We have a beautiful, well designed, private facility with plenty of natural light and ventilation in a fully insulated barn. The barn stays well above freezing in the winter months and is considerably cooler than outside in the summer. We have Big Ass fans in the barn and arena and also Polar cooling fans in the barn.  We are one of the few barns in the area feeding hay and grain three to four times daily and we feed PREMIUM quality feeds from Triple Crown Feeds. Our horses all look and feel great!

The barn is directly connected to our mirrored 21m x 50m covered arena with a custom blend of GGT footing.  In addition, we have an oversized outdoor arena with sand footing. We have the right grooming equipment to ensure optimum footing on a regular basis.

The property is gated and is not accessible to the public. We have a video security system throughout the entire barn and covered arena area giving us 24 hr security which is accessible remotely.

Haul ins are welcome.