Kim is available for her very popular bit and bridle fitting clinics as well as traditional dressage clinics. She is also available daily for individual fitting sessions in the Wellington area throughout the winter season.
She has quickly become highly sought after for her unique clinics which provide riders with the ability to try many different bits and bridles in sessions guided by Kim. She works with riders one-on-one in a traditional clinic format and also welcomes student/trainer combinations enabling them to work comfortably as they would in a lesson.
The clinics are structured in a way so that they are educational and are ideal for a fun and beneficial barn clinics. They are great educational clinics for GMOs.
Kim works with Herm Sprenger, Neue Schule, Lorenzi and Bomber bits. She has added Tota Comfort System, Passier and Schoekemoehle anatomic bridles to her clinics as she also believes that these bridles can significantly improve the comfort and the performance of many horses.
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Client Testimonials

Ann McMillan "I just wanted to express how grateful I am for our session yesterday with my Lipizzan, Kristo.   For the first time,  I was able to actually put my leg on him, have him bend around my inside leg, up, out and into my outside rein.  It has always been a struggle to get his back up, so I could sit comfortably, let alone try to be effective with my aids.  With the new bits, I felt the lift and swing!!!  It was such a fantastic feeling  (really freaking unbelievable actually….). and as you say, will help us moving forward with his training.  Now that he is comfortable in his mouth, I feel like I can relax and become more effective as his rider.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! ... As an observer, It didn’t take long to see an immediate difference in the willingness of the horse to lift and move more freely with the right bit or combination of bits.  This is an incredible service that you are providing to the sport!!!" 

Jennifer Truett, International Grand Prix Rider, Ohio.  "OMG!!!! OK, the bit fitting clinic with Kim Gentry was....I promise this is no exaggeration....MIND BLOWING!!! I really can't begin to explain how clearly each horse communicated with the rider their likes and dislikes of each bit we tried. ...  I now understand the requirements to get a correct bit evaluation are basically the same as those to for getting a proper saddle fitting, find a professional with a trained eye, years of experience, vast training knowledge, a huge personal inventory of bits from which to test options, and results-driven experimentation.  ... just have Kim come do a bit fitting clinic at your farm. I promise, you won't be disappointed." 

Regina Milliken, Trainer and Head Manager, Oak Hill Ranch “The bit that Kim fit our 3 year old sale horse to was a complete game changer. It made a HUGE difference for him. I would have never believed it would make such a difference but he went from a head tosser to a pretty steady working into the hand horse. Really fun to have him evolve into a very rideable and marketable horse. He sold 2 weeks after the bit fitting. I can't thank you enough.

Tracy and Eli in the the Developing Horse Grand Prix

Tracy and Eli in the the Developing Horse Grand Prix

Tracy Pierce, Grand Prix Rider, Illinois "I participated in a bitting clinic with Kim Gentry and it exceeded all of my expectations!  Every horse improved tremendously over the course of the session and it was such an education to learn about mouth conformation.  Watching the horses change and ultimately improve was amazing.  My horse Elijas Trubador MGF is a competing Grand Prix horse and Kim was able to find us bits that helped not only improve his gaits but also smooth out my communication with Eli.  She was even generous about answering some questions post clinic so that I could get the most out of our new bits."






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